About the Curator

Welcome to Surf the Skies! My name is Makenna Lepowsky, and I am a 24-year-old amateur skydiver and the curator of this blog.

This is a place to connect and revel in the magic of the extreme sport of skydiving by following along with my journey to completing my accelerated freefall program to become an A-level certified skydiver.

My passion for skydiving was sparked when I completed my first tandem skydive in January at Skydive Lake Elsinore, in Riverside County, Calif. — a spontaneous decision my sister and I made one weekend.

Skydiving was everything it is made out to be and more — an experience full of euphoria and thrill that can make even the most austere person feel blissful.

I had never experienced anything in my life quite like it, which is why I am now hooked on the sport.   

Why start Surf the Skies?

Since my youth, I have had a love for storytelling and the written word. I carried this passion with me into adulthood and went on to receive my Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Northern Arizona University. About eight months after my graduation, I moved to Los Angeles in August 2018 to pursue a freelance journalism career and make a name for myself in the industry.

Looking to find my niche in writing, after my first tandem skydive I thought to myself, “What better way to put my degree to good use than start a blog about bringing my skydiving dreams to fruition?”

As I establish this blog, I will strive to be as vulnerable as possible with my journey, so I may inspire you all to pursue your dreams — whatever they may be.

I am dedicated to seeing my dream through, no matter the challenges that await, and I am honored to have you all with me on this ride of a lifetime. 

Catch y'all in the sky,

Makenna Lepowsky 

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